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In this article, we will discuss SEO soft skills. SEO is not just learning on page and off page, and you have to learn more skills as SEO work, which may not have much to do with SEO at first glance, but it is sure that it will indirectly cause you to jump in your business.

Time required to study: 15 minutes
Soft SEO skills
In the following, we will review the necessary skills for each SEO work together. You may not accept some things or have a different opinion. We will be happy to write your comments at the end of this article.

Of course, at the end of the page, you can also download the standard SEO contract sample for free.

Continuous learning. The first principle
Have a thirst for learning. Always be learning and add to your information every day. This is especially critical in SEO. SEO is a specialty that is constantly being updated and changed, and if you do not seek to update your information, you will easily leave the competition.

There are so many resources to learn new SEO tips that you should always keep an eye on.

SEO networking
The most important principle of soft SEO is professional networking.

Try to attend all SEO seminars and events. If you feel that the content presented at the event is of a lower level than your knowledge, still attend the event because you need to network.

Get to know your colleagues and keep in touch with them.

First, don’t think about the quality of the network, think about the size of the network. The more colleagues and friends you have in the field of work, the better it is for you. Maybe not now, but in the future you will surely get the result.

Creativity in SEO
Be creative and discover new ways. Of course, don’t do trial and error with your business or others, but find safe ways that you haven’t used so far.

Need-based learning
Try to accept projects whose level is slightly higher than your knowledge. Of course, just a little!

This will cause you to face new challenges and inevitably seek to solve them. Learning on demand will never be forgotten.

Learn related skills
The most important skill is website technical knowledge that a professional SEO should know. Most websites are designed with WordPress content management system, which makes it easier for you as an SEO. Be sure to look for WordPress knowledge.

If you learn html, css and python, you will quickly eliminate many of your competitors. Of course, this is not necessary and can make a lot of difference between you and other SEO works.

Part of technical SEO skills is dependent on coding knowledge and you will feel the need sooner or later.

Learn Google Ads in a completely professional way. Remember that Google Ads itself is a sea of expertise that requires a lot of time and practice to gain experience. So if you feel that you are not a professional in this sector, start working!

Professional search skills in Google
Do not think that it is a trivial issue. You should find the best relevant resources with the least amount of searching.

Sometimes, black hat SEOs manipulate Google’s search engine and display spam and irrelevant information in the results. You must have a high ability to search and find the best content as quickly as possible.

SEO in English
You must have experienced that SEO algorithms in English are significantly different from SEO in Farsi. You must know these differences and have enough experience in this field, and this requires learning English.

You do not need to have a high command of English. Only to the extent that you can use external educational resources is sufficient.

Don’t ignore other search engines
Although today, when we talk about SEO, we only mean Google algorithms. But history has proven many times that high-tech companies can also lose their empire. At the moment, no one can compete with Google, but we don’t know about the future!

Of course, it does not mean that you should not put your energy on Google. You should put at least 90% of your energy on Google. And allocate another 10% to other search engines.

Check out these search engines: cool!
duckduckgo.com, bing.com, de.yahoo.com, Ask.com, www.aol.com, yandex.com, brave.com,

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