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Where to start learning programming?

Time required to study: 20 minutes
Programming is not a complicated skill. You just have to learn and practice with pleasure. This!

In this article, we tried to teach you the basic way of professional programming. Tell us your opinions and doubts about this article in the comments section. Read and use with pleasure.

First of all, define your goal
If you just want to design a website, you can count on WordPress. Note that in the job market, most customers want to order a website design with a low budget, this is where WordPress will be prioritized.

But WordPress is not the whole story. After learning WordPress, you must go to programming. In other words, if you want to become a programmer, learn WordPress first

You have to strive in the right direction so that you can compete with many competitors who are in this profession.

Dr. Graphic’s suggestion for you is to follow the following path to become a professional programmer:



Where to start learning programming?

First, learn Photoshop software;
If you think it has nothing to do with programming, you are wrong. A professional programmer must first of all be able to design a professional user interface. In addition to Photoshop, if you know Adobe XD software, you will be ahead of most of your competitors

Learn WordPress to the point of complete mastery
WordPress is a big world, no matter how much you learn, you will find new things. Don’t think that WordPress means installing a ready-made template! By the way, WordPress has many complexities that you must master all of them.

Learn to work with all kinds of WordPress plugins, especially Elementor

Design a professional WordPress store site and check all the tools and features of WordPress along the way

You should note that you must also learn how to work with the host

Learn SEO as needed
You don’t have to be a professional SEO to become a programmer, but you must be familiar with the basic tips and methods of working with Google algorithms. Someone who has worked on SEO will surely be a better programmer than someone who has no knowledge of Google’s algorithms

Start working on SEO on your WordPress website. It’s easier and you have a lot more tools at your disposal. Try to optimize the site speed and get a better Alexa rank. Remember that the most important thing in SEO is to get the right keywords for the website

Check out how Google backlinks and crawlers work, don’t forget YouTube tutorials

In the next step, learn how to work with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Webmaster, or Google Console, and how to analyze your competitors’ SEO.

Enter the job market
By learning Photoshop software, mastering WordPress and SEO, you can easily get a project and enter the job market. At this stage, we recommend you get a few WordPress projects and work. In this way, you will encounter all kinds of problems and errors. So try to solve the problems in this way and be among the best

Get to know how to negotiate with the client and the principles of getting a project and don’t try to work at any price!

Write the time, cost, method of payment, and complete and accurate details of the project in the written contract

Our suggestion is to first design a WordPress website for your friends and yourself so that you can do your work more calmly


Where to start learning programming?

Start programming
Now is the time to enter the world of programming

At this stage, define your goal again. What do you want to design? Application, website, software, game?

which ones

You should also consider that each of these is designed with several types of programming languages.

Let’s draw our own path again. In the beginning, he must learn HTML and CSS. No matter what you want to design, you still need to learn HTML and CSS.

For easier coding, you can use software such as phpstorm, vscode or Adobe Dreamweaver

HTML is not a programming language!
HTML is essentially the standard “markup language” for creating web pages. HTML is considered a simple language with a clear structure, and its teaching is very simple even for people who are just starting to learn how to build a website. What is HTML may be a question for many people; Because HTML can be considered the foundation of the web and even the Internet.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that HTML is not a programming language, but a markup language that determines the structure of the content.

HTML has no programming logic and is free of conditional statements like If and Else. You cannot define variables and write functions in HTML. It is not possible to handle events or perform tasks in HTML. With HTML, data cannot be changed or edited in any way.

After learning HTML and mastering CSS, you will be able to design professional front-ends for all kinds of websites, and this will open your hand in the job market.

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Learn the PHP programming language
Now is the time to become a professional. By learning PHP, you will be able to design more professional websites.

PHP is an object-oriented language developed for web design and is very similar to C. Of course, in the new versions of this language, it has also found similarities with the Java language. Php is a server side language. This means that the php pages are first processed by the server (Apache or IIS) and then the output is sent in the form of HTML and JavaScript codes to the browser with which the user is connected to the Internet.

More than 240 million websites are designed with PHP language. It is used in more than 2 million web servers. PHP powers 83% of all websites in the world. This language is one of the top 10 programming languages according to programmers. Wikipedia and the Facebook social network can be mentioned among the world’s famous sites that are coded in PHP.

Use the latest version of PHP
PHP 8 was released in November 2020 or December 2019. PHP version 8 is a very important version for PHP that brings with it very important changes.

Advantages of PHP:
It can be run on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc. and this is great!
It is fully compatible with all servers that are used today (such as Apache and IIS).
It can support and work with different types of databases.
It is completely free and Open Source and you can download it from its official website at php.net.
PHP is easy to work with and does not require any special programming skills. All you need is a server or a server emulator to run your PHP code and enjoy seeing the results.
By learning PHP, you can design a variety of professional backends, and by combining HTML and CSS, you can code a complete website from scratch.

Where to start learning programming?

Learn the Laravel framework
PHP programming language is one of the best and most popular programming languages in the field of web design. This programming language has many frameworks, Laravel being one of them.

The latest version of Laravel is version 7, which has significant changes and improvements compared to its previous version.

Maybe the first question for you is what is the framework? Framework literally means framework. A programming framework is a set of libraries, standards, design patterns, and coding rules that are available to developers and programmers in the framework of a software framework. Several frameworks have been developed for different types of programming languages.

Each of these frameworks has been created for a specific purpose, for example CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, Phalcon, CakePHP and Yii frameworks, which are among the best PHP language frameworks after Laravel.

The Laravel framework has many advantages that increase with each update. Laravel is also referred to as the wizard of the web world. Because many believe that the work that this framework does in the web application development process is magical.

In Laravel, great things can be done with minimal coding and by entering short commands. Among others, we can mention the implementation system of membership and login forms in Laravel. This section is implemented in Laravel by entering only one command. Also, in order for the Laravel framework to meet our various needs, it uses Composer, which is exactly the same tool used to update Laravel.

If you are interested in learning more about website design, read the content in the website’s tutorial section.

Some advantages of Laravel:
Using MVC architecture
Being open source
Ease of learning
Increasing the speed of project development
high security
Easy update
Easier actions such as authentication (Authentication), routing (Routing) and caching
Using the Remote Component
Significant increase in coding speed
Developing the application without compromising the functionality and previous code of the application
Limiting Eloquent using simple commands
The ability to run multiple tests such as Unit Testing using simple commands
Easy access to Database by Migrations
Super Artisan command line
The ability to create different packages
Using the auto-loading feature
Using ORM tools
Using the Template Blade engine

(JavaScript) Get JavaScript
The world of programming has no end. Go to JavaScript and be amazed by the miracle of this programming language

JavaScript language is one of the most famous programming languages defined based on HTML codes. JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, object-oriented language. Using this language, you can improve the level of your website by means of additional interactive features. This language is used alone or together with other programming languages. JavaScript helps you create beautiful and interactive web pages. In fact, using JavaScript, you can turn your website’s static pages into beautiful and interactive pages.

Developers can use various JavaScript frameworks to develop and build web and mobile applications. JavaScript frameworks are collections of JavaScript libraries that provide developers with the ability to write code in advance to use everyday programming features: literally a framework for building websites or web applications.

Popular JavaScript frameworks are React, Angular and Vue. Many companies use Node.js, which is a JavaScript runtime environment on Google Chrome’s V8 engine. Some of its famous examples are: PayPal, LinkedIn, Netflix and Uber.

Beyond websites and applications, developers can also use JavaScript to build simple web servers and develop back-end infrastructure with Node.js.

Design a WordPress theme and plugin
At this stage of coding, you can easily design all kinds of professional WordPress plugins from scratch and sell them in reputable markets. Currently, the market of professional WordPress templates in Iran is good and the need for better templates is always felt.

You can easily earn good income in this way

Learn the Python programming language
In the old days, Python was the favorite language of hackers! But today developers, software engineers, data analysts and even people interested in marketing and business have a special look at this language. In addition to simple learning, the Python programming language is widely used in the world of business and technology and has opened its place in the largest companies and research centers in the world. It does not matter if your goal is to hire and promote your job or to migrate, because learning Python is a skill. It has become essential in our resume.

Why should I learn Python programming?
Using this language, you can create mobile and desktop applications and enter the field of artificial intelligence.

Learning Python allows you to work remotely.

You can get projects and earn dollars by learning Python through foreign companies.

Important jobs in the field of technology and marketing are moving in such a way that Python has become one of their prerequisites.

If you’re planning to migrate, Python will shine on your resume as one of the most important and up-to-date skills.

You can also learn Android programming languages and use its good job market in Iran

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In this article, we tried to show you the right way to become a professional. But keep in mind that becoming a professional does not mean mastering all programming languages. Rather, you must be familiar with valid languages and master at least one of them professionally

In this way, learning graphics and Photoshop will help you a lot

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